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Problems. We all have them. And as soon as we figure one out, another one is right there to take it's place...and they tend to bring their friends. I have had a bad habit lately of internalizing my problems, so they just fester and morph into even worse problems. What makes it even worse is that I didn't even realize I was doing it. I just knew that there were some areas in my life that were not happy.

After doing some soul searching, I realized that I had been suppressing an issue with a friend. The absolute worst part is that the anxiety and stress it was causing was manifesting itself in a completely different situation. I was feeling distant and mentally absent from my small group from church. I really just wanted to throw my hands up and walk away, but through some long, tough conversations with Bobby God helped me (us) to dissect the real problem. My issues had NOTHING to do with my small group, but in suppressing the real issue with my friend. I had complete misguided frustration/anger/anxiety.

What a HUGE relief!! This was such a painful mental and emotional exercise, but I very necessary one. I have been able to redirect my feelings to their correct mental compartments.

Does this situation sound familiar at all? I have this new mental trick that I think will help me, and hopefully all of us, to navigate through what can be a really painful and hurtful situation. It is an abbreviation, but easy to remember. A.I.S.

A: Acknowledge there is a problem or issue

I: Identify what the problem or issue is

R: Resolve the problem or issue

I know that it might seem stupid or completely obvious, but in the midst of mental turmoil, I seem to lose the ability to think logically and rationally. This really helped me to get through this week and regain some sanity. I know in my heart that God was using Bobby as to speak directly to my heart and to give me the much needed perspective that I needed. I was harboring all of these negative feelings when what I needed to do the whole time was lean into my faith (and stop trying to control EVERYTHING) and know that God would put me back on the right path and bring me peace. Proverbs 3:6 - In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths.

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