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I have found myself really distracted this last few weeks with a HUGE installation for work. The positive...I haven't had nearly as much time as normal to obsess over how my clothes fit (or don't fit). The bad part, distraction is temporary. I find that my BDD is quickly creeping back in with every glance in the mirror, every pair of pants that I button and every shirt that I put on. I am actively trying to be conscious when I get overrun with BDD thoughts and pray my way through it. I know how that sounds, but for me, it is making a difference. I pray specifically that God would guard my mind and my heart from the evil that is tainting my view of myself from whatever it is that I am focusing on at that moment. I pray that He would give me strength, courage and confidence to see myself as He sees me. Then, I pray for others who are suffering the same issues at that moment, because I know that you are out there. The act of praying, for me, brings me such great peace and reminds me that I am not alone...and neither are the people who I am praying for. #babysteps

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