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Prayer in numbers...

Faith Over ED family,

I haven’t blogged or posted in a while because I haven’t seemed to be able to find the right words or the right topic, so I had an idea.

We have talked many times about how God uses each of us in different ways to work through us and shine His light through us. That is what convicted us to start this website. To help bring light to people who are in the same darkness that we have struggled through.

Here is my thought.... There are over 1300 of us in this FOED family, and growing bigger everyday. A question that weighs heavily on my heart everyday is “How can we help those who are struggling?” My gut tells me to pray, which I do, but I also am a firm believer in the power of very specific prayer and prayer in numbers. This is where we can ALL help.

What do you need our community to pray about specifically? For you or someone you love, ED/BD related, or just life related. 1300+ people praying for you specifically is a pretty amazing thought, isn’t it?

Post your prayers here or message us if you would rather us post it anonymously for you.


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